test The school follows the 10 + 2 system of education and Follows Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi. It prepares the students for the All India Secondary, for the purpose of which the school has an excellent team of well-qualified and trained staff.The school is headed by a qualified, experienced and committed lady Principal, Mrs. Neena Bhalla The medium of instruction is English. The class room feel is congenial and democratic and the teachers are encouraged to adopt innovative method of teaching, to make learning meaningful and interesting.  Tests are conducted in the classes regularly, in order to provide a feedback for improving and amending teaching methods.
►  CCE  (Continous  and  Comprehensive Evaluation )
Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is an education system newly introduced by Central Board of Secondary Education in India, for students of sixth to tenth grades. The main aim of CCE is to evaluate every aspect of the child during their presence at the school. This is believed to help reduce the pressure on the child during/before examinations as the student will have to sit for multiple tests throughout the year, of which no test or the syllabus covered will be repeated at the end of the year, whatsoever. The CCE method is claimed to bring enormous changes from the traditional chalk and talk method of  teaching,  provided it is implemented accurately.
As a part of this new system, student's marks will be replaced by grades which will be evaluated through a series of curricular and extra-curricular evaluations along with academics. The aim is to reduce the workload on students and to improve the overall skill and ability of the student by means of evaluation of other activities. Grades are awarded to students based on work experience skills, dexterity, innovation, steadiness, teamwork, public speaking, behaviour, etc. to evaluate and present an overall measure of the student's ability. This helps the students who are not good in academics to show their talent in other fields such as arts, humanities, sports, music, athletics, etc.
Marks and grades
In CCE, the marks obtained in an exam are usually not revealed. However, equivalent grades, which would be deduced using a special method by the teachers during evaluation would be revealed.  This system  instills the value that students need to compete with themselves to get a better grade and not with others.
Pattern of education
Unlike CBSE's old pattern of only one test at the end of the academic year, the CCE conducts several. There are two different types of tests. Namely,  the  formative and the summative. Formative tests will comprise the student's work at class and home, the student's performance in oral tests and quizzes and the quality of the projects or assignments submitted by the child.  In addition to that, various assignments can be given such as projects, models and charts, group work, worksheet, survey, seminar, etc. Formative tests will be conducted four times in an academic session, and they will carry a 40% weightage for the aggregate however, at-least one oral test is conducted.
The summative assessment is a three-hour long written test conducted twice a year. The first summative or Summative Assessment 1 (SA-1) will be conducted after the first two formatives are completed. The second (SA-2) will be conducted after the next two formatives. Each summative will carry a 30% weightage and both together will carry a 60% weightage for the aggregate. The summative assessment will be conducted by the schools itself. However, the question papers will be partially prepared by the CBSE and evaluation of the answer sheets is also strictly monitored by the CBSE at the IX & X std. level. Once completed, the syllabus of one summative will not be repeated in the next. A student will have to concentrate on totally new topics for the next summative.
For classes 1 to 5 we have trimester which typically comprises of 6 FAs and 3 SAs. The FAs shall be either pen and paper tests or Project based assessments. The three Summative tests with a total weightage of 60% shall be purely based on pen and paper. For class 6 to 8 we shall have Semester which shall comprise of 4 FAs and 2 SAs. The FAs shall be either pen and paper tests of Project based assessments. The two Summative tests with a total weightage of 60% shall be purely based on pen and paper. The formative pen and paper tests shall be conducted every week as per the schedule on Flex Days.
At the end of the year, the CBSE processes the result by adding the formative score to the summative score, i.e. 40% + 60% = 100%. Depending upon the percentage obtained, the board will deduce the CGPA and thereby deduce the grade obtained. In addition to the summative assessment, the board will offer an optional online aptitude test that may also be used as a tool along with the grades obtained in the CCE to help students to decide the choice of subjects in further studies. The board has also instructed the schools to prepare the report card and it will be duly signed by the principal, the student and the Board official.
In keeping with the CBSE objective and safeguarding the school's objective to provide a bouquet of activities to the students, the school has come up with a unique concept of a 6 day schedule which will follow a Class time table of Day 1, Day 2 as against the conventional Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday timetable. This change safeguards the Day's time table irrespective of the holidays that may fall on any specific day. A flex day is also introduced for every class as a day full of activities with just two periods set aside for tests. 
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