The Principal Neena Bhalla welcomed the PTA members



Agenda PTA Meeting -4

     1.Annual concert 

     2.The hockey ground

    3.Academic details term 1

    4.Any other(bus tracking,regular remidal class etc,)

    5. Past concerns addrressed

1.Discussion about the annual concert

     The Principal Mrs.Neena Bhall introduce Mr.Akshay Mohite(Dance teacher) to the PTA members  and asked him to tell the parents about the Annual Concert planning .The parents were told about the theme-BAHART- KAL, AAJ AUR  KAL, and how the school plans to depict it Vice Principal Mrs.Vishakha Gupta mentioned that  a form would would be sent to parents to check how they could assest in Annual day practices .

Parents appreciated the Annual concerts so far but requested for a shorter time span.

2.The SNBP Hockey groung

   The Principal informed the parents about the near completion of the hockey ground and also the eminant visitor who have visited the school for similar such  opening .

 Parents appreciated the school's efforts initatives .they requested for more Facebook updates about events.

Mrs.Jessica Gupta made this request .They also appreciated the musical start of the school everyday.

3.Academic progess of students till Term -1

     The progress in students score pre class -was shared by the Principal Mrs.Neena Bhalla .Parents expressed satiefaction at the general growth and the development of acdemics  in school 

4. Other concerns/discussions/observation

   1.Remedial classes

         The remedial shedule was shared by the principal and vice principal . It was   told to the parents that remedial classes will be ongoing classes to bring up the level of the students.Also it was shared that date of students parent and their progress was being monitored.

   2.Fee Hike

        The principal Mrs.Neena Bhalla told parents that the school had not hiked the fee since the past three years and the hike was invertable in order to meet the increased cost of functioning and to mention quality.a proposal of 10% hike was approved by parents.

        A proposal of Rs.69,300 was made which was approved by the PTA.

        All the members accepted and approved of the suggestions and appreaciated the efforts of the school

        Class      PTA Members

  1.             Mrs.Karishma Bhatia
  2.             Mr Vitthal Kumbhar
  3.             Mrs.swapanal Sonawane
  4.             Ms.Jessica Gupta
  5.             Mr.Sunit More
  6.             Ms. Prabhawati Jogdand
  7.             Mr. Madhukar Kuduk
  8.             Mr.Dhiraj Saxena



The principal Neena Bhalla Welcomed the Pta member 


 SESSION 2019-20

Agenda-PTA Meeting 3

1. Sharing of plan for academic year 2019-20

   i. Competitions

ii Activities & sports

iii  Annual Concert -Theme -BHARAT-KAL ,AAJ AUR KAL 

2. Founder's week celebration details .

3.Hindi Rashtrabhasha Exam & Olympaid introduced.

4.Students securing All India 1st Rank in Live Olympiad & received I-Pads.

5.Swachchta Pakhwada details.

6. Rakhies & hankies sent to soldiers.

7.Eco friendly Ganpati celebration (Chocolate Ganpati)

8.International Yoga Day celebration .

9. World Book of Records set by SNBP Teachers on 5th Sept'19 at Seasons Mall.

Discussion about activities for the session 

1. In the academics session Zila Parisjad had organised various sports activities like karate,Skating yoga ,KAbaddi,badminton etc.The students from calss 1 & 8 participated in them & won.

2. Remedial classes for students needing extra attention.

3. Annual Concert for Academics session 2019-20. many prizes.Various nwe activities have been introduced like shooting , pool table,table  tennis,yoga,classical & free style dance.Separate rooms have been allocated for these, which helps in the overall development of the students.

2.Parents representative Mr.Sunil More suggested that remedial classes for slow learners to be started in the presence of Principal & Vice Principal .

3.Principal Mr,Neena Bhalla presented the Annual Concert theme -Bharat-Kal-aaj aur kal Besides these -Founders week,Pollution free celebration of Ganesh festival were also discussed. ganpati Sthapna through a Chocolate Ganpati made & immersed in milk was shared with parents ,which also strengthened the swach Bharat Abhiyaan of Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji.

Information regarding the formation of a WORLD RECORD by the staff of SNBP group was shared with parents. also the guinese book of record presence by exchange of cards was also shared with PTA members Mr. vitthal kumbhar appriciated the efforts of the school and teachers parents were also informed about the handmade rakhies greeting cards and hackers for soldirs , which were sent to them by post the appreciation letters receiveed from the wings of armed forces were also shown to parents . one of the PTA member Mr.Dhiraj Saxena suggested that E- learning and music teaching should be implemented with greater efforts 

The principal Mrs. Neena Bhalla promised that the suggesstion would be enfored and efforts will be taken to make more and more learning occur.

All PTA Members appriciated the efforts of the school   

1  Mrs.Karishna Bhatia

2 Mr.Vitthal Kumbhar

3 Ms.Swapnal Sonaware

4  Ms.jessica Gupta

5 Mr.Sunit Money 

6 Ms. Prabhawati jagdand

7 Mr.Madhukar Kuduk 

8 Mr.Dhiraj Saxena











 SESSION 2019-20

Agenda-PTA Meeting 2

Time:    10:30 AM

Venue:   Principal Office

2. Formation of PTA’s Core Committee.

 Speaker  :Mrs. Neena Bhalla(Principal)

 Formation of PTA Core Committee  .

 The school principal Mrs. Neena Bhalla Welcomed the parents whose had been drawn out of the draw of for Parents Representative who willingly  had sent their nomination for the position as a PTA member.

The Core PTA formed was a under :- Chairperson Mrs.Neena Bhalla 

                                                        Secretary -Mrs.Vishakha Gupta

                                                      Vice-Chairperson Mr.Sunit Morey

                                                      Joint Sect 1-Mr.Madhukar Kuduk

                                                    Joint Sect 2 Ms.Swapnal Sonawane

                                                     Member-Mr.Dhiraj Saxena 

                                                    Member-Mr.Vitthal Kumbhar 

                                                    Member-Mr.Karishma Bhatia

                                                   Member-Ms.Jessica Gupta

                                                  Member-Ms.Prabhawati Jagdand 

 The member signed their acceptance of the post ,as under.











 SESSION 2019-20

Agenda-PTA Meeting 1

1.Election of PTA 

No Quorum-so no Election

Nomination procedure by pick of Nomination slips

 Speaker:Mrs Neena Bhalla (Principal)


    In academic year 2019-20 forms were released to students for interested parents to form the PTA for the Interested parents filled the form & sent it to school .A meeting was called for the self nominated parents but due to insufficient quorum the meeting was adjurned & recalled after 15 days .due to no quorum again, the monitors of the respective classes were called for the draw of lots .Hence the PTA member were listed .The names of the PTA memeber thus received as -

 Class1  Mrs.Karishna Bhatia

 Class2 Mr.Vitthal Kumbhar

Class 3 Ms.Swapnal Sonaware

Class 4  Ms.jessica Gupta

Class 5 Mr.Sunit Money 

Class 6 Ms. Prabhawati jagdand

Class 7 Mr.Madhukar Kuduk 

Class 8 Mr.Dhiraj Saxena

 All member were informed & they accepted to be part oof the PTA & also approved of the PTA body 

The signatures of the members are appended below-

Class1  Mrs.Karishna Bhatia

 Class2 Mr.Vitthal Kumbhar

Class 3 Ms.Swapnal Sonaware

Class 4  Ms.jessica Gupta

Class 5 Mr.Sunit Money 

Class 6 Ms. Prabhawati jagdand

Class 7 Mr.Madhukar Kuduk 

Class 8 Mr.Dhiraj Saxena