General Discipline:-
1. Medium Of Instruction And Conversation Is English Only.
2. Students Should Greet The Teachers Of The School, Whenever They Meet Them.
3. Students Are Expected To Maintain A High Standard, In Their General Behaviour And Manner Of Speech.
4. Students Should Have Deep Respect And A Dedication To Their Work.
5. Attentiveness In Class And Regularity In Homework And Assignments Are Of Almost Importance.
6. If Any Student Is Found In The Possession Of Fire - Crackers, Water Pistols, Periodicals, Magazine,posters, Pictures, Mobile Phones,CD's, Computer Games, They Will Be Liable For Severe Punishment.
7. Students, Leaving The Premises Of The School During The Course Of The Day, Will Have To Take Written Permission From The Principal, Failing Which They Will Invite Disciplinary Action, Which May Include Dismissal From School.
8. Personal Hygiene And Cleanliness Must Be Maintained By The Students At All Cost. Hair Must Be Well Groomed. It Must Be Cut Short, In Case Of Boys And Neatly Tied Up, In Case Of Girls, Dyeing Or Colouring Of Hair Is Strictly Prohibited.
9. Students Have To Be Punctual. The Students Who Are Late, May Be Sent Back Home, Without Any Prior Notice And Will Have To Miss Classes That Day.
10. All Students Should Feel And Take Honest Pride, In Keeping Their School Premises Clean.
11  Attendance On The Reopening Day And Last Working Day Of The Term Is Mandatory.
     a)  No Leave Or Absence Is Granted, Other Than Exceptional Reasons And On The Submission Of Prior Written Application Letter By The Parents.
        B)  In Case Of Continued Absence Due To Sickness A Medical Certificate Has To Be Sent To School.
        C)  Serious Action Will Be Taken By The Principal For Breach Of Discipline, Irregularity Of Attendance And Unsanctioned Leave.
         d)  In Case Of Contagious Disease The School Must Be Informed Within 3 Days.
        E)  In Case Of Leave On Medical Ground A Fitness Certificate Has To Be Produced When The Child Report Back To School.
12. Students Are Not Expected To Take Part In Any Political Activity.
13. The School Calendar Should Be Brought To School Daily.
14. Any Communication / Collection To The Principal / Class Teacher, Must Be Sent In A Sealed Envelope, With The Name Of The Child, Class, Division And Roll No. Clearly Mentioned, On The Envelope.
15. The Principal's Permission Is Required For The Following.
       a)  To Make A Collection For Any Purpose.
       b)  To Arrange For A Party, Picnic Or Meeting.
       c)  To Join Sports Meet Or Participate In Games, Not Arranged By The School.
16. Parents / Guardians Are Not Allowed To Go To The Class Or Have A Meeting With The Teachers During Class Hours.
17. When Writing Any Grievance Letter To The Principal, Parents Are Requested To Mention The Name Of The Child, Standard And Division In Which, Their Child Is Studying. They Are Requested To Inform The School Immediately, About A Change Of Address Or Telephone Numbers.
► Educational Trips:
The School Organizes Educational Tours To Historical And Educational Places Within And Outside The Country. These Tours Inculcate A Feeling Of Pride In The Hearts Of The Students As India Has A Rich Cultural History And Heritage. It Also Exposes The Child To The Other Countries, Which Broadens Their Thought Processes And Outlook.
► Annual Sports Day:
       The Annual Sports Day Is Marked By Colourful Drill Displays And Various Track And Field Events. The School Band, Dressed Smartly In Uniform, Provides The Beat To Which The Students March In True Military Precision. Later Prizes And Trophies Are Distributed For Excellence In Games And Sports.
► Annual Prize Distribution Function:
       This Event Is Held Every Year And Is Attended By Parents. The Programme Comprises A Ballet Or A Play In Either English Or Hindi. Prizes And Certificates Are Distributed To Students Who Have Performed Brilliantly In Academics As Well As In Extra-curricular Activities.
► Inter House Cultural Festival:
          Students Are Encouraged To Participate In This Function As The Exposure Will Not Only Make Them More Confident But Also Increase Their Organizational Skills And Fosters A Healthy Spirit Of Competition. They Are Given Ample Opportunities To Tap Their Potential And Talents For Singing, Dance, Theatre In The Inter-house Cultural Festival Put Up Annually.
► Inter House Competitions/ Celebrations:
       Inter House Competitions Encompass An Array Of Activities And Are Held Every Week. The School Practices Secularity And Salutes National Integration And Celebrates All Festivals With Equal Vigour And Happiness.
♦ Houses/Clubs:
          The School Is Divided Into Houses. They Are UNITY (Blue House), PEACE (Green House), WISDOM (Red House), And POWER (Yellow House).   Inter House Cultural Festivals, Competitions In Recitation, Sports And Games Are Held On A Regular Basis. These House-based Activities Encourage Participation And Interaction Among Students And Go A Long Way In Providing A Sense Of Belonging And Creating Security In A Student's Young Mind.
♦ Student’s Council:
With A View To Encouraging Student’s Participation In Democratic Processes In The School, A Student’s Council Is Constituted In The School.The Council Will Comprise Of The Following Office Bearers:
⇒School Captain (G):
⇒School Captain (B) : 
⇒School Vice Captain:
⇒School Prefect Sports (B/G):
⇒School Prefect Activities:
♦ House Captains:
• Boy & Girl – Peace
• Boy & Girl -  Wisdom
• Boy & Girl -  Power
• Boy & Girl -  Unity
♦ Clubs And Committee:
        The School Is Associated With Various Clubs, Such As  Cultural & Heritage Club, Eco Club, Science Club, Maths Club, Reading Club, Music & Dance Club, Literary Club,  etc. Students Have Enough Co-curricular Activity To Dabble In And The School Encourages Students To Join These Clubs For All Round Personality Development.

ACADEMICS Curriculum The school follows the 10 + 2 system of education and is affiliated to the ...